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Before you buy or sell, let Urbanbuild Co
show you what you need to know.

Before you buy or sell, let Urbanbuild Co
show you what you need to know.

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About Urbanbuild

why us?

Urbanbuild Co inspections  are different from our competitors for 4 reasons:

1. Drones allow us to access your high roof exterior- you need to know the facts. (subject to CASA No Fly Zones)
2. We are active Builders with 30+ years experience across Australia. We know where to look!
3. Our reports include not only the areas which may require attention, but positive aspects and maintenance tips to save you money.
4. Same day report issue- a fast market needs a fast report.

If you want a complete report, delivered fast that will give you piece of mind. Call us today.
Same Day Delivery
Why choose Urbanbuild Co?
  • Same day reports.
  • Active QBCC Builder and Building Inspector.
  • CASA Drone Licenced Pilot- we access any roof (subject to CASA regulated No Fly Zones).
  • 30+ years experience.
  • Time to assess- we only book max of 3 inspections per day.
  • We utilize all the tech to assess including thermal imaging, moisture meter and drone to assess all areas.
  • Fully licenced and insured.
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10 Tips

Maximize the return the sale of your property by getting a step ahead of the Buyers Inspector. Our Pre Sale Reports pick up things you may not know about, and which may result in price negotiations. Click here for more.

Building AND PEST InspectionS

Premium photo based, room specific reports, captioned to deliver facts in an easy to understand manner- no lengthy jargon.
Our main Clients are Investors who do not even set a foot on the property, along with locals securing their 1st Home.
We do not advertise, word of mouth has seen our growth and that’s how we like it.- check our reviews out
Importantly, you will have information on the property- both positive and not so positive information.

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Selling without a Pre Sale B&P Report is like going in blindfolded.
A Buyers Inspector may find defects which can delay the process and cost you time and money with negotiations.
Not only financial cost, but delay the purchase of your next Home, placing the plan in jeopardy.
If you are a step ahead of the Buyers Inspector, you have two options:

  1. Repair– fix it and remove the defect(s).
  2. Be Aware– understand that the defects may arise and Buyer may seek a price reduction- be prepared with written quotes to repair, and make allowance in your pricing.

These options will go a long way to keeping your plan on the tracks.
We are engaged by Brisbane’s best Agents to provide Pre Sale and Pre Auction reporting, which adds confidence to Bidders who understand how the house is built, pros and cons of the prospective purchase.

Some of the defects we have recently discovered.

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30 +(1)

Over 30+ years
of experience

Over 30+ years of experience as
builders and inspectors.

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Our report includes details missing
from other company’s reports.

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