Retirees and Moving House

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Retirees and Moving House

We are assisting a growing number of people who are moving house to suit their lifestyles which are not high maintenance and work.

People who previously lived in large properties with large yards to maintain but don’t need all that space anymore, just want to enjoy their time doing what they love to do, not pushing a mower and cleaning bedrooms which used to provide sanctuary to their Children. They have better things to do, and are downsizing to suit accordingly.

Today we completed inspections for a lovely couple in this situation, and we respect the fact that the downsizing is a very emotional time (TBH, I cannot even comprehend the task). Memories, good and not so good are left behind and the new path can be very confronting and challenging. Stress levels, though not displayed, must be elevated and additional stress is not required when making this decision to up roots, cull the furniture and keepsakes as they simply will not fit into the new place.

We take extra special care of these downsizers, as they deserve the respect of a thorough assessment of the property they are about to immerse themselves in, they need to know everything possible about what could go wrong, what may need attention, and simply enjoy the new space without added expense and disturbance.